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Seven Advantages of Dental Implant Surgery

Teeth that are damaged or missing can be a source of pain and embarrassment. Many of our patients, who have this condition, are choosing the option of getting dental implants.  

Dental implants are a proven way to permanently replace your missing teeth. Implants restore your teeth and smile. They even look completely natural, sometimes even better than our own teeth! Dental implants are small screw-like fixtures made of titanium and placed in the jaw to act as an artificial tooth root. They are then covered and restored using a variety of prosthetic appliances such as crowns, bridges, and dentures.  

If you are thinking about getting dental implants, consider these benefits:  

  1. You will have natural speech: Missing or damaged teeth can alter your speech. Dental implants function like real teeth. You should be able to speak just like you always have. It is the closest thing that we can get to replace missing teeth.
  2. Prevents bone loss in your jaw: The loss of teeth usually leads to the loss of bone density in the jaw. A healthy jawbone needs the stimulation of teeth connecting to it to maintain its mass. Dental implants return that jaw bone stimulation, preventing any further bone loss.
  3. Cavity-free!: Since dental implants are made of titanium, you will never get cavities. (Artificial teeth can get bacteria on them and cause gum disease.)
  4.  Support the teeth around it: Dental implants fill the gaps in your mouth where there was a missing tooth. Missing teeth cause teeth on either side to shift and tilt. Implants prevent misalignment and help maintain equilibrium. You will have an attractive and straight smile with them as well.
  5. No slipping: Dentures or artificial teeth can slip or fall out. Dental implants will not slip or fall out. They are firmly embedded in bone.
  6. Easy care: Many patients think that this type of technology would require special cleaners or that they would need to develop a new brushing habit. In fact, dental implants are brushed and cared for the same as your regular teeth. No need for expensive cleaners or techniques!
  7. It’s there for life: Dental implants are permanently placed in your jaw so you should rarely or never have to replace them. It’s truly a permanent solution to your missing or damaged teeth.

Dental implants are truly the safe, effective, and attractive way to restore your smile and keep your mouth healthy.  

For more information, or to set up a consultation about dental implants, the gold standard in tooth replacement, please contact our experts at All Smiles Bethesda. You can reach us at 301-984-9646


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