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Pediatric Dentistry: The Importance of Bringing Your Kids Early to the Dentist

Bringing your kids to the dentist can sometimes be a frustrating or scary experience for the child or the parent.  You may even wonder if it is worth it or not.

However, we can assure that early dental hygiene is not only necessary but it can also be a great learning experience for your children, one that they may be grateful for the rest of their lives.  Good hygiene, good dietary habits, and regular cleanings are things that kids should develop at an early age.    

Here are some reasons that early dental care will benefit them and you: 

  1. Daily brushing and regular dental hygiene: It’s easy for children to skip brushing their teeth or to do it incorrectly. Seeing a dentist or dental hygienist when they’re young will help them learn the correct methods of brushing and dental hygiene including flossing and using mouthwash. You may also find out that your own tooth brushing technique may need revision.       
  2. Stop tooth decay: Children are notorious for having a sweet tooth or snacking. They may eat a lot of sugar from candy or snacks. It’s no wonder that tooth decay is one of the leading reasons why kids miss school.  Bringing your child to the dentist will enable them to develop good oral habits and a regular routine. Even if your children have decay, many times we may not need to do invasive work on their teeth. There are many preventative varnishes and materials that we could use to help arrest and contain the decay.
  3. Learning how to cope early with going to the dentist: Going to the dentist can be traumatic for children. There are many sounds and tastes that they may not enjoy.  However, going to the dentist early and learning about the different equipment may go a long way in removing fears they may have.  Remember we are their partners in maintaining optimal oral health care!  
  4. Creates strong oral hygiene habits early: You also teach your children that taking care of their teeth and body is a great investment. Healthy teeth can improve their appearance which also improves self-esteem. This lesson may last beyond childhood as they learn to take care of their teeth and then teach their children to do the same. The lessons they learn at the dentist will be remembered and they will be grateful for that. 
  5. Saves money: Regular dental care may also save you money. Since you are investing in it early in their lives, this may help them avoid other health issues in the future. Regular preventative care and early orthodontic intervention are keys for children.  Preventative dental care may result in healthier children and fewer visits to the physician.
  6. May eliminate future health issues: Dental problems can be a gateway to many other serious health issues such as cancer, endocarditis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pneumonia, and pregnancy complications. *** Children can learn that keeping their teeth healthy may lead to fewer health complications in the future.

Going to the dentist may not seem fun originally but early preventative dental care is something that will help them, and you, in the long run.  Let us be your partner in helping to develop good oral hygiene and habits at a young age. 

All Smiles Bethesda has experienced dentists and dental hygienists who can take care of your children’s dental needs.  If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 301-984-9646 or email us at  info@allsmilesbethesda.com or lorraine@allsmilesbethesda.com. We serve the Bethesda, Rockville, Silver Spring, and the Washington, DC area.

*** For more about health issues that may result from poor dental hygiene, click here

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