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General Dentistry:
Fillings, Crowns, Implants, Extractions, Root Canals, Dentures.

General Dentistry

At All Smiles Bethesda, we recommend oral care examinations and cleanings at least twice a year for all of our patients. Regular checkups and professional cleanings form a solid foundation for any preventive dentistry plan. They allow us to evaluate your dental health and diagnose and treat any issue in its earliest stages using the most conservative form of treatment. We also answer any questions that you may have about your oral health and suggest appropriate treatments and other forms of preventive care.

A Full Exam: We thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, lips, inner cheeks, tongue and jawline for any signs of problems such as cavities, bruxism, gum disease, misalignment, bite imbalances, and TMJ issues. We also perform an Oral Cancer Screening as a part of our regular dental exam to help detect any early warning signs of its occurrence.

Cleaning: A dental cleaning makes use of special dental instruments to remove plaque and tartar from areas where your brush and floss may not be able to reach. The procedure leaves your mouth feeling fresh, clean and healthy and devoid of any bacterial and plaque deposits.

X-Rays: To detect any underlying problems that may not be visible to the naked eye, we use digital X-rays which emit significantly much less radiation than traditional X-rays. In fact, the standard annual bite wing x-rays that are recommended for most people emit half of as much radiation as a flight from New York to California (.02 mSv vs .04 mSv)

Intra-oral and Digital Scans: We use the latest technology during our examinations which include the use of intra-oral cameras and an intra-oral scanner.

Our office uses state of the art digital solutions and works with renowned dental laboratories to customize your dental treatment, whether you need a single implant replacement or a new removable denture.

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